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About Us

FYH, LLC (For Your Health, LLC) helps diabetics by purchasing excess diabetes testing supplies at the highest possible price and provides these supplies to the under or uninsured. 

My name is Sam and I run FYH, LLC. . My father and other relatives are diabetic.  I understand that some people have a difficult time obtaining diabetic supplies.

If you have any question regarding a possible cooperation, please reach out and we promise to do our best to build a trusted relationship with you. Email or call us with any questions at info@fyhllc.com, 216-600-2983. If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio–an in person pick up of supplies can be set up.

We can buy almost all diabetes testing products: One Touch, FreeStyle, Contour, AccuCheck, etc. Unopened, unexpired, close to the expiration date.  We can buy almost all blood glucose test strips and meters.